September 4

Introducing a revolutionary approach to managing multiple medications!


September 4, 2015
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Ashraf Latif
Sheefa Pharmacy & Wellness Center


Sheefa Pharmacy INTRODUCES REVOLUTIONARY approach to MANAGING multiple medications

 East Orange, NJ (September 4, 2015) – Sheefa Pharmacy & Wellness Center is pleased to announce that it now offers a customized packaging solution to help its customers take the right medications, at the right time, every time. By implementing the Parata Patient Adherence Strip System (Parata PASS™), the pharmacy offers increased confidence, convenience and safety by pre-sorting multiple prescriptions into a single package for the specified time of day. It’s easier for caregivers to administer, and easier for seniors to adhere to complex medication regimens, both of which are essential to extending independence and health.

Sheefa Pharmacy prepares each customer’s medications in a sealed, clear, plastic packet, called a SheefaPACK™, which is arthritic-approved for easy opening. Each SheefaPACK is custom-printed with the customer’s name; day and time of dose; medication names, strengths and descriptions; and other details. Sheefa supplies a monthly strip which are rolled into a dispensing box, providing a quick and easy way for caregivers to verify that the last dose was taken, minimizing potential errors.

“Sheefa is proud to offer our customers the safest, most convenient prescription filling options available, promoting higher compliance and reducing medication waste,” said Ashraf Latif, R.Ph. “It’s always a challenge for pharmacists to ensure patients adhere to their medication regimen, but it’s reassuring to know that the SheefaPACK is helping our customers make home medications more manageable.”

To offer the customized SheefaPACK, Sheefa Pharmacy invested in a Parata PASS packaging system, which automates preparation of PASS Pack strips at the pharmacy, to ensure the highest levels of safety and accuracy.

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